Are you an artist, musician or band?

And do you care that more and more fans know you and that music managers and organizers of cultural events know about you?

The QRTICKET.CZ portal is visited not only by thousands of music fans, but also by musicians, music managers and organizers of cultural events. Let’s show them who you are and what you can do together!

OR Ticket advance ticket sales

Offer your fans an easy way to your tickets

QR Ticket Hits

A music chart in which the order is determined by your fans

QR Ticket Interview

Professional Interview – a podcast with an experienced moderator about you and your band

QR Ticket e-shop

Support for the sale of your band’s merch on the QRTICKET.CZ e-shop

QR Ticket Booking

Exclusive or non-exclusive representation and cooperation with your band

QR Ticket Events

Be part of the line up at our events

QR Ticket News

Publish press releases and information about you and your band on the PLAYLISTMUSIC.CZ website

QR Ticket Registrace

Free and independent registration on the QRTICKET.CZ portal, which will facilitate your access to all our services

Let's look at it in detail…


QR Ticket advance ticket sales

Register for FREE

Create your own event

Connect your pre-sale with social networks

Start selling tickets

Check-in tickets with a QR code can be downloaded in our app

Free for both iOS and Android.

Collect money!

We pay within 3 working days after the end of the event!!!


QR Ticket Interview

Tell us, and especially your fans, something about you and your band. Introduce us to news and plans for the future, brag about your achievements…
We will record a professional interview with you in our studios. Before that, of course, we will agree on everything in detail.

The price includes preparation, recording of the interview and post-production and the above presentation The total price is:


QR Ticket e-shop


QR Ticket Booking

We are in direct contact with music producers, music experts and organizers of cultural events on a daily basis. Let us exclusively or non-exclusively represent you. You can only get more opportunities to play in more events!


QR Ticket Events

Among other things, QRTICKET.CZ is also the organizer of some cultural events. As part of our cooperation, you can become part of the line up at our events.


QR Ticket News

Part of our cooperation with you may also include the publication of your press releases on the website, which is part of the music program of the same name.


QR Ticket Registrace

And finally, free and independent registration on the QRTICKET.CZ portal will make it easier for you to access all our services and, above all, ensure you the lowest prices for our services.

We look forward to prospective cooperation

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